The Wonder of ECO-UV Ink

Available in CMYK, White and Gloss, ECO-UV ink offers the following benefits:

  • Clean and efficient 220 cc cartridges
  • Instantly dries to produce mess-free, wide colour gamut results
  • Ink prints around curves and irregular surfaces without cracking*
  • Produces durable indoor graphics with scratch and chemical resistance
  • Outdoor graphics last from six months to two years when Gloss coat is applied
  • Create Textures and Embossing Effects with Gloss Ink.

    ECO-UV ink options include White ink for greater brilliance on clear or dark-coloured materials and Gloss ink can be cured in two ways for gloss or matt finishes. Multiple layers of Gloss ink can be applied to simulate embossing and 3D textures, and the included VersaWorks 6 RIP Software comes with 72 ready-to-use texture patterns.

    Specifically formulated for VersaUV’s long-life, low temperature LED UV curing system, ECO-UV Ink is perfect for curing at all print speeds, delivering high colour density and wide gamut for exceptional images print after print. ECO-UV adheres to a wide range of coated and uncoated media, including foils, paper, clear films and vinyl for increased versatility; as well as a wide variety of 3D promotional objects including USB sticks, phone cases and golf balls. Instantly-drying and extremely flexible, ECO-UV ink produces graphics that can be stretched and applied around curved surfaces and edges without cracking. Gloss ink creates gloss, matt, textured and embossed finishes on output and improves scratch and chemical resistance and outdoor durability.


    Imagine a customer in the souvenir shop no longer needing to search for a specific name, and store owners not needing to carry an inventory of preselected names. With a UV printer, souvenir, trophy, art and framing, party supply, photo lab, and other specialty stores can offer product customization on demand. With the ability to quickly turnaround custom printed awards, giftware items, canvas prints and more, businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition. Whether it’s an online or brick and mortar model, a UV printing device gives business owners and their customers a better product and service.


    Sign shops are using UV printers to quickly add graphics to a wide range of unique and raw materials. With the ability to print directly onto woods, metals, plastics and sign boards, new ideas can be explored for tradeshow graphics, décor, point-of-sale, packaging and more. In addition, UV gloss ink enables the creation of sophisticated, high-end graphics that are sure to impress clients and viewers alike, while adding value and profit for the print provide